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Measuring technique

The UV measuring system for reliable verification of the UV dose consists of the tesaŽ UVStrips and the UV-Scan evaluation unit..

tesaŽ UV-Strip:
The tesaŽ UV-Strip is a fl exible photochromatic UV measuring strip which permits reliable verification of the UV dose directly on the work piece.Conventional UV measuring devices determine the actual radiation intensity in mW/cm˛. The tesaŽ UV-Strip takes the UV dose in mJ/ cm˛, so that the production speed and distance between UV lamp and substrate are also considered. This permits a reliable verifi cation of your entire production process.

By means of the UV-Scan evaluation unit, the measured results can be documented and processed electronically.


  • Diminished reject rate
  • Increased process security
  • Data processing on the PC
  • Suitable for any web path and for complex geometries
  • Self-adhesive back side
  • Simple and practical use
  • Utilizable in the printing and coating industry
  • Package containing 10 stripes

Highlight UV-Products measuring devices with suitable accessory parts:

  • Application oriented UV measuring devices
  • Test strips for surface temperatures
  • Contactless IR temperature measuring devices
  • Ozone measuring devices