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Heat, ink, dust, powder and incorrect cleaning methods are just some of the factors that can impair the performance of reflectors. As a consequence, they become dull, and the degree of reflection is diminished substantially. Thus, the reflectors are not damaged mechanically.

Reflector soiling and the consequences:

  • Insuffififi cient drying of inks & varnishes
  • Thermal problems in UV systems
  • Heating of the substrates
  • Reduced production speed
  • Diminishing of the requested production safety
  • Increased energy consumption due to full load operation

With our newly developed Highlight UV-Products process, we can apply a fresh coating on soiled and burnt aluminium reflectors. According to the required application field, our customers can choose between three different coating types.

Advantages for Highlight UV-Products customers:

  • ALU: standard/high gloss polished
  • DCB: for heat reduction
  • SBR: for output optimation
  • The coating quality is equivalent to the original reflector condition
  • Cost reduction compared to original parts
  • Long-term improved cost-effectiveness thanks to the exchange cycle
  • 10 years of experience in reflector enhancement