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Depending on the design of a UV system, the effective output consists of about 50 per cent direct radiation and 50 per cent reflecting radiation. This means that in addition to the UV lamp, the reflector quality and condition are the most significant features for an efficient drying process. To achieve perfect drying results at utmost efficiency, it is vital that both lamps and reflectors are in optimal condition. Soiled reflectors can lead to a reduction of the effective energy of up to 55 to 75 per cent!

Highlight UV-Products reflector systems:

Our reflector systems are available in various different designs, lengths and coating qualities, as for example

  • Air and water cooled aluminium refl ectors
  • Quartz glass reflectors
  • Dichroitic coated reflector sheets
  • Three-dimensional reflection mirrors
  • System upgradings
  • Energy efficient and cost-effective special solutions

Advantages of Highlight UV-Products reflector systems:

  • Improved endurance thanks to boosted efficiency
  • Production safety due to optimized performance
  • Energy savings due to increased efficiency
  • Heat reduction in the UV system
  • Cost reductions thanks to
  • 100 per cent compatible and equivalent
  • Heat load of up to 250C on aluminium and up 350C on steel