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Cooling water

State-of-the-art printing presses and UV systems utilize water as an ecofriendly medium for heat evacuation. Insufficient maintenance intervals, poor water quality or the lack of water additives can be detrimental to a smooth-running production process. In contact with the metallic surfaces of heat exchangers, chill rollers or UV lamp modules, water causes furrings and corrosion. In open cooling systems and in warm water, microbiological organisms can spread out and leave deposits on system components.

Consequences of a corrosion:

  • Decreased cooling water quantity and flow quantity
  • Diminished heat evacuation
  • Reduced production security
  • Disturbances and UV temperature rise
  • Leakages and selective corrosion in system components
  • High energy consumption at reduced efficiency
  • Rising costs due to system breakdowns
  • Printing technical difficulties

As a specialist for UV services, Highlight UV-Products provides an optimal combination of UV system service and cooling water treatment.

Our Highlight UV-Products purifying concept provides a specifi c water treatment to combat corrosion, furrings and microbiological deposits in cooling water circuits of printing presses and UV systems.


  • A highly effifificient cleansing procedure
  • Individually adapted products
  • Long lasting effect
  • Boosted efficiency
  • Reduced costs due to fewer breakdowns
  • Ecofriendly handling
  • Conforming to currently valid specifi cations for dispatch and logistics
  • Conforming to safety requirements