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Quartz glass

Highlight UV-Products quartz glass reflectors:

Our reflectors are fitted with a dicroitic special coating separating the UV and IR thermal radiation. Infrared radiation is absorbed and dissipated via water-cooled aluminium profiles.

  • 100 per cent equivalent to the original reflectors
  • Maximal UV reflection
  • Transmission of infrared radiation
  • Minimal temperature load on the material to be printed
  • Specifically suitable for temperature sensitive substrates
  • Quartz glass quality and coating „Made in Germany“

Highlight UV-Products quartz glass products:

Available in many different dimensions, versions and qualities

  • Quartz glass mirrors or cold mirror reflectors
  • Quartz glass plates for protection against soiling
  • Protection tubes for UV lamps
  • Cooling water guided quartz tubes - UV permeable
  • Cold mirror or hot mirror coatings
  • Compatible to all types of UV systems