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Cooling systems:

  • Air- or water-cooled industrial chilling units
  • Energy effifi cient compression chiller/ refrigerating machines
  • Radiator blocks / ribbed radiators / heat exchangers
  • Chill rollers for printing presses and UV systems
  • Countershieldings for UV and IR systems
  • Quality „Made in Germany“

Cooling water technique:

  • Installation material for systems and upgradings
  • Fix and flexible connection elements
  • Water distributor / flow indicator
  • Water tubes and water pipes
  • Water pumps and expansion tanks
  • Cooling water guided components

Accessory parts:

  • Filter kits for dampening water systems
  • Mineral processing plants
  • Filter cartridges and filter systems
  • Dosing devices for additives
  • Anti-corrosives and antifreezers, water additives
  • Refrigerants for cooling systems

In addition to our UV installation work, we also offer the complete installation of supply lines for water, electrics, pneumatics, exhaust air and inerting systems from your plant to the UV circuit and to your printing press.

Project work - planning – delivery – installation
from a single source