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Highlight UV-Products plans, projects and supplies the complete range of electro- and electropneumatic products and services for the graphic arts industry and for all UV applications.


  • Specific components 100 per cent equivalent to the original parts
  • Industrial electrics, design and installation of switch cabinets
  • Electro technical installation material
  • Plug-in connections for control and high voltage
  • Lamp ballasts and transformers for UV systems
  • Ignition devices and chokes
  • Electronic supply lines
  • Cable sets for high voltage and low voltage
  • Other accessory parts


  • UV specific components and prefabricated parts
  • Electronic lamp ballasts and EPS-systems
  • Electronic components for security and monitoring
  • Soft- and hardware automation technique
  • UV efficiency regulation
  • Stepless control and regulation for UV systems
  • Components for temperature regulation and temperature sensors
  • Digital exhaust air regulation units


  • UV specific motors and compressed air cylinders
  • Magnetic valves and switch and control elements
  • Pneumatic connections
  • Supply lines and tubes for compressed air
  • Control and maintenance units
  • Air filter stations
  • Electropneumatic sensors
  • Other accessories